Accounts Specialist

Kaitlyn Krause

Kaitlyn is Krause’s Accounts Specialist. With two years of experience under her belt, she is the backbone of Krause’s financial and human resources operations. In her role, Kaitlyn expertly manages the firm’s accounting functions with precision and finesse. 

She also wears the hat of human resources guru, overseeing the firm’s HR responsibilities with care. Whether it’s coordinating employee benefits, fostering a positive workplace culture, or navigating payroll, her dedication to the team shines through in everything she does. 

Kaitlyn graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design in 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education and Painting. Armed with her academic credentials and a keen eye for detail, she brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical prowess to her roles at Krause.

When she isn’t crunching the numbers, this lifelong learner seeks out opportunities for personal growth through reading, podcasts, yoga/meditation, long chats with great friends, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. She also relishes quality time with her husband and daughter whether they are hiking, traveling, creating, cooking, or just hanging out by the pool.