Passionately transforming companies.

architecture + interiors

We are gladiators of design, armed with the right tools and knowledge. When choosing your architect, choose wisely. Who do you want to fight for you?

The Goal

To listen and understand each client’s unique needs and goals, to take you way out there in terms of what is possible in a strong design solution within the budget and schedule and to make sure you know every step of the way what you are going to experience in the finished design.

The Plan

At Krause, we provide exceptional design solutions. We do this through our drive and passion in a continuing pursuit for the highest quality and satisfaction of our clients.

The Result

Our huge breadth of design experience and services result in award winning successes and happy, repeat clients.   

Architecture & Repositioning

Interior Architecture

Planning and Programming

BIM Services & Visualization

Market Sectors

→ Commercial Development
→ Corporate Office
→ Health Care Design
→ Cultural and Civic
→ Law Office Design
→ Repositioning


→ Architecture
→ Interior Architecture
→ Workplace Strategy
→ BIM Services & Visualization
→ Design Performance
→ Augmented and Virtual Reality