Office Manager

Ashley Brand

Ashley is an accomplished Office Manager at Krause, where her dedication and expertise have been instrumental for over two years. In her role, she adeptly oversees various administrative functions, ensuring seamless operations within the organization.

Beyond her responsibilities as Office Manager, Ashley assumes the additional role of overseeing Krause’s social media presence. Leveraging her creative flair, she develops engaging content and fosters meaningful connections with the company’s online audience, clients, and colleagues. She and the firm were recently awarded a Gold Viddy Award for the development and videography of the Instagram Reel, “A Day in a Wes Anderson Film.” 

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University in 2012. Her academic background, coupled with her passion for writing and visual storytelling, enriches her approach to her work at Krause.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ashley is an avid learner and enjoys exploring new avenues of growth. Whether refining her writing skills, gaming, or exploring a new hobby as a DIY enthusiast, she remains committed to continuous self-improvement.