Brad Krause

Brad is the founder and president of Krause Architecture + Interiors. Brad’s design philosophy revolves around crafting projects that reflect each client’s unique culture and history, blending technology with the natural environment, and seamlessly integrating architecture, interiors, art, and landscape.

Under Brad’s leadership, Krause consistently ranks among the top design firms, boasting a string of prestigious awards for projects like the Madrean Tower concept, Dobson Desert Medical Campus, Vensure Employer Solutions, and many more. Committed to giving back, Krause provides pro bono design services to charities like UMOM, Assistance League, STARS, and Teach for America. Raised in the vibrant culture of the Chicago area, Brad’s penchant for architecture ignited at the age of 12 during his first drafting class, setting him on a lifelong journey in the field.

Brad earned his Architectural degree from Iowa State University in 1981 and is a member of esteemed organizations like AIA, IIDA, NAIOP, and CoreNet. Before founding Krause, Brad held key roles at renowned firms like Cornoyer-Hedrick and Lendrum, contributing to landmark projects such as MCI, America West Headquarters, and Price Waterhouse.

Outside of work, Brad cherishes family time. He is the proud father of three young men and has been married to Margy, the love of his life, for over 30 years. He is at his happiest on Sundays when the entire family comes over and the day is spent playing with grandchildren, talking with his boys, and barbecuing. An adventurer at heart, he finds joy in fishing, skydiving, white water rafting, and exploring remote areas.