Partner / Senior Designer

Michael Krause

Michael brings a wealth of experience, drawing from his time working across Europe, Asia, and back to Arizona that infuses his designs with a diverse array of perspectives. His passion for collaboration is matched by his finely honed design software skills. Deeply interested in technology, sustainable materials, and innovative design solutions, these passions are reflected in his project work.

Since joining Krause in 2016, he has distinguished himself as a Partner and Senior Designer. Michael has contributed his expertise to impactful projects such as the Desert Medical Campus, Novel Headquarters and The Resource Innovation Campus design, among others.

A graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, Michael blends creativity, passion, and practicality in his designs. He believes that designers have a critical responsibility to create enduring, resilient solutions that improve quality of life, leaving a legacy in cities, structures, and landscapes that will survive for generations.

In his downtime, Michael keeps up with the latest architectural trends, cherishes quality time with his family, maintains strong friendships, and explores new destinations through travel.