East Gateway


For this corporate campus refresh, the Landlord came to us with the design challenge to modernize the two main buildings on campus. Our priority was to elevate and brighten the common spaces through a compelling cohesive design language that pays respect to the southwest vernacular, while giving each building its unique identity through different branding colors. Think two harmonious siblings! This redesign was especially critical to retain existing tenants and attract new ones. sleek, timeless, and streamlined with pops of color that reference the pops of vibrant plant life in the Arizona desert – this was especially celebrated through the artwork that was carefully curated to support the design story on an extremely tight budget. The existing common areas have not been renovated in decades. The existing interior  was dark, ominous, and uninviting. The space was brightened up through new light and crisp flooring, ceilings and walls, along with all new sleek modern lighting, The central seating area is carpeted and anchored by a large unique lighting fixture. The budget did not allow for major ceiling renovations. The design team addressed this challenge by designing a custom statement light fixture that acts as a focal point to elevate the lobbies. the stark contrast between the dark large format tile walls, and white back painted glass, along with the new sleek stainless-steel elevator surrounds and touch screen directories draw you into the space. Custom, three-dimensional artwork and timeless but modern furniture complete the design story.