Vensure Employer Solutions’ corporate headquarters spread over two floors within a new shell space in Chandler, Arizona. The design team reinvented Vensure’s corporate identity and branding, pulling inspiration from their dynamic culture, fast-paced business style, the CEO’s Cuban background, and the influence of the Southwest. Light, airy, inviting the outside in, the building contains 16-foot-high ceilings and a grand townhall which showcases Vensure’s culture and history. Most of the open areas are occupied by workstations efficiently laid out to meet the client’s ambitious staffing and growth needs. Open ceilings and all glass perimeter spaces were used as much as possible, contrasted with floating textural, acoustical clouds and lighting clusters to highlight the various spaces. Custom light fixtures were designed for the feature areas. Materials and finishes were chosen to evoke a sense of motion with vibrant pops of color. Custom designed wall graphics were introduced to capture the firm’s energic, dynamic nature, while honoring the Southwest vernacular.