Heard – Novel Coworking


This AZ gem of a building is on the National Historic register as Phoenix’s first high rise building was built in 1919 by Arizona mogul Dwight Heard. Located on Central and in the Heart of downtown Phoenix’s new renaissance including hip new restaurants, bars, coffee, sports, and entertainment. New Life was restored to the building starting in 2018 when Novel Coworking purchased the building and begin a historic renovation to restore the exterior and interiors to its former glory and re-image the building

into an upbeat workplace for co-working strategy, promoting flexibility, mobility, and productivity through SmartSuites™, tech-enabled, paperless office and work environments. The concrete structure and floors were exposed revealing many “Gems” that were reused including the original mosaic floor tiles, elevator doors, mail shoots, a wall of the old tenants’ signs that occupied the building, etc. These elements are complemented with new materials, textures, colors, furniture, unique artwork and state of the art lighting, mechanical systems with touchless fixtures.