Cavanagh Law Firm


A fresh new brand and identity.  “NO WOOD” were the clients first words! Coming from heavy dark mahogany wood environment literally everywhere, this once traditional Law firm needed a new design that matched its energy and vision for the future. Sophisticated, modern and inviting – A neutral palette of greys and blacks are accented by brass Brass accents were used through   the space was designed with the firms history in mind and opens up to the expansive view includes not only a reception area as the light was transformed into a from a very unwelcoming space into an open first words were  No more wood were the first words we hear from the firm. What is the value of legacy? At the heart of the Law Firm’s ethos is this question, where they believe tradition with innovation create a respected and time-honored reputation. Founded in 1999, their new corporate remodel needed to parallel this tradition by bringing their dark and heavy existing office to the modern era. Towering wood columns and marquetry inlays are replaced with softer menswear textures and timeless geometric shapes.

Upon entering reception, guests are greeted and brought to the adjacent coffee bar, where they can overlook the sweeping views of Camelback and downtown Phoenix from the 19th floor of the Central Arts Plaza. Full glazing around the exterior offices and conference rooms maximizes daylight and steers away from the dingy law offices of the past. Wood is used sparingly throughout as a nod to their roots but paired with glints of brass accents and bright pops of Cavanagh’s signature blue to modernize the space.